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About Leverett
The Town of Leverett Massachusetts was founded in 1774 and is located in Franklin County. Leverett was named after a British rebel Sir John Leverett who spoke out in support of Religious Freedom.

Leverett contains about 2000 year round residents.

Those in the area should stop at the Leverett Historical Society for some interesting history about the town.

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FREE - Reactive Rover! Helping the shy, fearful, aggressive, or under socialized dog.

Does your dog bark, growl, or lunge at people or other dogs? Has going for walks become a stressful outting to be avoided? There are many reasons why dogs display reactive behaviors, the vast majority having fear and anxiety as the root cause. This mini-seminar discusses basic training and management approaches to help the fearful, shy, aggressive, or under socialized dog become more confident, less reactive, and more enjoyable in his/ her environment.

This mini-seminar is for humans only. Please leave your canine companions at home to relax.

When: Apr 11, 2015 12 PM to Apr 11, 2015 1 PMin Leverett, Massachusetts (Sat, 11 Apr 2015 12 )
Basic Family Dog - Leverett Sat April 18th

Register for Basic and Better Family Dog now and receive a $30.00 discount. *

45 minute, six week course. No C.L.A.S.S. evaluation available after completing this course.

This is a beginner, foundational class, perfect for newly acquired dogs. It is also a good place to start if you struggle getting your dog to pay attention to you when near distractions such as other dogs or people.

Students will learn the fundamentals of reward marker training and acquire the skills to teach sit, lie down, beginner level loose leash walking, stay, come, and more. The class emphasis is on creating a training relationship between handler and dog through the use of clickers and/or verbal markers and rewards.

Please note that the first class is orientation and is for humans only. Do not bring your dog to the first class. There must be a four dog minimum in order to hold the class. Classes may be canceled within 24 hours if this minimum is not met.


If you register for a training class or workshop and need to cancel, a full refund will be offered if the cancellation notice is received no later than 48 hours before the class start date. Registration payments will be nonrefundable with less than a minimum of 48 hours notice.

*Discounts cannot be combined. Promotional codes do not apply to the Basic and Better Family Bundle.

When: Apr 18, 2015 9 AM to Apr 18, 2015 10 AMin Leverett, Massachusetts (Sat, 18 Apr 2015 09 )

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